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This NANSEN profile discusses the quality standards for Country of Origin Information (COI) used by the CGRS to consider as unfounded the fear of being persecuted of a gay man from Jordan because of his sexual orientation. This profile brings together the in-depth analyses and conclusions of Ph. D. Femke Vogelaar, an expert in country information and refugee law, on the use of the COI and the reasoning of the CGRS. 


COI is crucial for contextualising an asylum seeker’s story and the evidence they present, and for ensuring a full understanding of the relevant risks. Indeed, it provides an essential basis for assessing the need for international protection. Based on this analysis, NANSEN offers an overview of the concrete human rights situation of LGBTIQ+ people in Jordan. The COI that NANSEN presents in this Profile sheds a different light on the situation of LGBTIQ+ people in Jordan, and contrasts sharply with the findings of the CGRS. This confirms the importance of collecting quality COI and using different sources for a correct assessment of protection needs. 



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