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Do you require assistance in an individual case?

What can we do for you?

If you are in Belgium or at the border, NANSEN can provide you, your social worker and your lawyer with:

  • legal and multidisciplinary advice,
  • an analysis of your case,
  • a dedicated support to victims of torture
  • a dedicated support to stateless persons
  • a future intervention at the national and international authorities.

NANSEN provides assistance only to

  • persons in Belgium or at the border
  • persons in need of international protection (asylum), including in cases of persons in detention.

Important information : 

NANSEN does not provide assistance in cases concerning family reunification, applications for visas , for regularisations and for the acquisition of the Belgian nationality, etc.

Priority cases for a NANSEN intervention 

Persons in a situation of vulnerability

  • Victims of torture
  • Victims of gender-related violence
  • Pregnant women
  • Stateless persons or persons at risk of becoming stateless
  • Persons who have not yet reached the age of 20
  • Pregnant women
  • Victims of human trafficking

Persons belonging to the LGBTI-community

Persons registered with the UNHCR in another country

Persons excluded from protection status or whose protection status has been revoked for reasons of public order/national security/return to the country of origin

Person from the following nationalities, as declared by them:

  • Afghanistan
  • Palestine
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Somalia
  • Burundi

warning NANSEN is not a lawfirm and is legally not allowed to represent people in front of the judicial authorities. Please make sure you hire a lawyer to work on your case. 

The person you are assisting falls into a category of NANSEN’s priority situations.

How to submit your request?

1. In case you are seeking legal or multidisciplinary advice:

  • Send us a copy of the decision you are challenging
  • No decision? Send us a copy of your client’s identity card

2. In case you need an analysis of a particular case and, possibly an intervention at the national and/or international authorities

Send both the questionnaires and the completed + signed NANSEN mandate to dossiers@nansenrefugee.be.

❗️For detained persons

Ask the social worker at the detention centre to send an email to dossiers@nansenrefugee.be, containing:

  • the administrative file
  • the completed + signed NANSEN mandate

Then, ask the lawyer to contact NANSEN, by email: dossiers@nansenrefugee.be or by phone: at +32 487 84 65 40.

 NANSEN always analyses all the elements of your case.

On that basis, we can decide to:

Questions? Feel free to call NANSEN.


To enable NANSEN to intervene effectively in your client’s situation, it is essential to download and complete the following documents.

Send both documents completed & signed to dossiers@nansenrefugee.be


To enable us to intervene effectively in your situation, it is essential to download and complete two documents. In case of difficulty, ask your lawyer or social worker for help.